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 Vanilla Mega Pack [Fr] [1.5] ID:2681341192 2024-05-19 15:07 Changed:5月19日 @ 16時07分

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Vanilla Mega Pack [Fr] Title画像

Vanilla Mega Pack [Fr]

Vanilla ExpandedシリーズのModのフランス語翻訳つめあわせセットです。以下のModが対象です。(以下Vanilla とExpandedを省略)

・Animals 13種(Boreal Forest, Tropical Rainforest, Tundra, Temperate, Endangered, Extreme Desert, Ice Sheet, Cats & Dogs, Caves, Australia, Desert, Arid Shrubland, Tropical Swamp)
・Apparel 2種(Apparel, Accessories)
・Base Generation
・Brewing 2種(Brewing, Coffee & Tee Module)
・Cooking 3種(Cooking, Stews Module, Sushi Module)
・Ideology Patches
・Royalty Patches
・Factions 8種(Ancients, Classical, Insectoid, Mechanoid, Vikings,Pirates, Medieval, Settlers)
・Fishing 2種(Fishing, Fishing treasures Add-on)
・Furniture 10種(Core, Art Module, Architect Module, Farming Module, Medical Module, Power Module, Production Module, Props and Decorations, Security Module, Spacer Furniture)
・Genetics 2種(Genetics, More Lab Stuff)
・Ideology 7種(Splits and Schisms, Dryads, Memes and Structures, Relics and Artifacts, Hats and Rags, Anima Theme, Icons and Symbols)
・Persona Weapons
・Plants 3種(Plants, More Plants, Succulentus Module)
・Social Interactions
・Storytellers(Industrial, Evil, Fierce, Medieval, Invader, Neolitic, Rick, Obnoxious, Persistent, Waves, )
・Textures(Textures, Textures Variations)
・Weapons 10種(Weapons, Coliguns, Frontier, Grenades, Heavy, Laser, Makeshift, Non-Lethal, Quickdraw, Tribal)
Steam, Author. 19 May 2024. Vanilla Mega Pack [Fr]. 13 Dec 2021 <https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2681341192>.
2024-05-05 00:12:00 [編集する] [差分] [日本語化UP]


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